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itinerari-spider02 at Villa Pedossa we were advised to protect our hair with a nice scarf. In fact, right after breakfast, get to take an elegant convertible English with shining wheels that were evidently hand cleaned, beam to beam. Sitting on the leather seats, we notice the gentle sound of the engine charmed by the instruments. As soon as on the road, suspensions are well dealing with the roughness of these old roads. They transmit small shocks only , barely perceptible. We’re going towards the Monterado castle through gentle up and down. From here we will follow the scenic route along the hilly ridge.
At every corner traces of a very dense history shows: holy images, palaces, churches, convents, fortresses, fortifications. The feeling of tranquility and intimacy with the environment given by the convertible is something unique. From the highest points we reach, we see the Apennines and the sea at the same time; we can recognize the pretty castles of San Costanzo, always been a key point for the defense of the Malatesta territory, Monte Porzio and Castelvecchio.


corinaldo-scalinata-pozzo-polentaWe are at the crossroads for Corinaldo and we can see the best preserved defensive walls in the Marche. The driver warns us with sympathy that a little detour towards the river for a cold drink in an antique local might be nice. We accept with good grade: the distances are so modest and traffic nonexistent!

From here you can continue to Mondavio, famous tourist destination, with Roveresca fortress, a military masterpiece, full of giant wooden war machines: catapults, assault machines, crossbows. They describe us the intense program of events organized by the municipality and we decide that we will go there one evening of these, in the occasion of the falconers exhibition.
Our romantic spirit prefers to lead us to the center of Corinaldo, where the famous flowery staircase with polenta is waiting for us.
However, we furtherly allow ourselves a brief stop at Mencaroni cellars, ancient and modern at the same time, extending unexpectedly underground. Verdicchio is just one of the tasting, accompanied by small snacks. It is an occasion to buy a few bottles for Friday dinner but are also pleased to ask recommendations about some valuable pieces for our home cellar. The Marche accent sounds really familiar and friendly!
In Corinaldo we walk around. Pictures galore: the well, the walls, the views .. we allow even some “selfies” and we feel a bit kids. The country is small and we visit a great time walking, but, going up and down, as soon as we re-settle on precious British upholstery seem even more comfortable! We put our scarves and … let’s go in the wind: Villa Pedossa is waiting for us for the last dip in the pool, before sunset along with the relaxing heated whirlpool that is “a must”!

On Spider along the TODT airport, up to Santa Croce, Abbey remembered by Dante in XXI chapter of Divina Commedia Paradise.

Leaving Villa Pedossa after breakfast in the quiet court, our friendly driver arrives on board of a gleaming vintage sports car. This stylish convertible drives us aside the reeds of the banks of Cesano river. The driver is remembering us that San Lorenzo in Campo is where an old Benedictine abbey is: one of the main Romanesque-Gothic monuments of the Marche. My mind is anyway flying away: Comfortably sitting on the rear seats I have in front of my eyes pictures of military propeller planes that reach these hills and land along the shore of this river. The war front passed just here and left echoes and memories still alive in the Marche!

In 1944 the Germans built shelters for aircraft near San Lorenzo in Campo behind the existing houses, covered with earth and branches. In the same period the military airport was built in Ponte Rio, on the left side of the Cesano, by the TODT. Indeed, from my back seat, I can see clearly how wide, sweet and straight is this valley. A pleasure for this three liters, which is taking us to those mountains that we can see at the bottom. Immediately they left behind the Pergola hills and Sassoferrato, we arrive at the foot of Mount Catria, whose eastern side contains a basin surrounded by large beech woods, around which suddenly open pastures and fields.
At Pergola the road splits; right you can reach Frontone, dominated by the medieval town and the imposing silhouette of the Castle. Instead we turn left to follow the upper course of the river Cesano. Arrived in Serra Sant’Abbondio the air is crisp; nestled among the forests of larch, oak and hazelnuts, topped by the massif of Monte Catria, we climb the famous Camaldolese hermitage of Santa Croce di Fonte Avellana.


Here, since the year one thousand, scribes using sunlight throughout the whole day, hand-copied the ancient manuscripts enriching them of miniatures. The guided tour is absolutely exquisite and lets you enjoy a piece of spiritual life, at least for this part of the day.

A pleasant surprise before jumping on our spider: the Botanical Garden of the monastery is open to the public and we can buy a bottle of liquor made of these herbs. It will be our souvenir of this pleasant trip.
The way down towards Villa Pedossa passes along the Misa river. We see the medieval castles embrace many pretty villages, just like in medieval paintings.
The evening promises to be clear and moonless: the most promising situation to enjoy a cool comfortable night in Villa Pedossa, under the starry sky that you see in documentaries only.

Choice of routes: ask at the management of Villa Pedossa!

• Hot engine at the top of Scapezzano uphill: panoramic view of Senigallia and the Velvet Beach
• Morro d’Alba: one tear on the way to Ostra
• Bewaring Saracens ships from Gabriella to Montignano
• On the Bailey bridge to go to Mondavio
Reservations and prices
trip up to three passengers half-day (h: 14 -18) on vintage convertible car
185 Euro / each car and driver
trip up to three passengers all day (h: 9- 17) on vintage convertible car
300 Euro / each car and driver

conditions and recommendations

For reservations please contact directly the management of Villa Pedossa.
• It is advisable to check availability and make the reservation effective one week before the desired date. Payments are accepted 50% on booking, 50% at the end of the excursion.
• The prices shown are for pre-defined routes. The details of the agreed tour is written to the customer via email upon payment of the booking deposit and is to be considered valid order confirmation. For reasons of traceability it is not possible to make arrangements for changes in the route with the driver.
• Prices include accompanying activities through the car and cover all the costs directly related (driver, tolls, parking, fuel, maintenance and repairs). They exclude any refreshment expenses, ticket access to the attractions and anything which was not previously explicitly established in writing.
• The cars are perfectly maitained and reconditioned, but occasional mechanical problems may not be excluded. In case these do not allow the conclusion of the tour, the organizer’s liability is limited to organize the return of all passengers to the starting point. In this case, only 50% of the value of the excursion is paid by the tourist.
• In case of bad weather the tourist and the organizing manager will try to postpone the tour, within the limits of the possibilities of both sides and with the respect of commitments already taken with other parties. In case a convenient postponement is not possible, the excursion is performed also in case of bad weather, except in cases the security forces or other competent authorities issue relevant advices.
• Scarf or hat that can protect your head from wind, sweater and jacket are recommended even on the hottest days.
• Photographic or cellular machine fully charged!