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Setting off from Villa Pedossa it is possible to visit all the cultural, artistic, and naturalistic attractions or amusement parks, in one day’s time.

Very close to Villa Pedossa you will find Senigallia and its marvelous Velvet Beach, the Rotunda on the sea, the fortress called Rocca Roveresca, and the historical centre with all its many architectural and artistic jewels.


Then there is Loreto and its basilica, which receives pilgrimages from the entire world, as well as Jesi, San Benedetto del Tronto with its famous palm-lined esplanade, Fano, and Civitanova Marche.

And the provinces which are Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, and Fermo which are rich in history and art, and can be reached in, at the most, an hour’s time by car from Villa Pedossa.


The Marche region abounds with a wealth of culture, and its innumerable medieval villages are one of the very things for which the region is known, with their fascinating winding streets, with echoes from legend and old tales, aristocratic palaces, and stupendous squares, at every turn.

The Marche region has 22 villages included in the list of ‘The most beautiful villages of Italy’

Corinaldo and Ostra are very near to Villa Pedossa

Other villages in the Ancona area are: Arcevia and its castles, Morro d’Alba, and Recanati.

The Pesaro-Urbino area offers: Gradara, Apecchio, Urbania, Carpegna, Cartoceto, Mondavio.

In the Ascoli Piceno area you will find: Offida, Arquata del Tronto, Belforte del Chienti.

In the Macerata area: Camerino, San Ginesio, Treia, Esanatoglia, Caldarola, Cingoli.

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There are also many places of naturalistic interest and nature reserves that one can visit which are found in not more than an hour’s drive, by car or motorbike, from Villa Pedossa.

Monte Conero

(Mount Conero), right on the Adriatic seaside, is the heart of the Monte Conero Regional Park. This is an environmental oasis with many suggestive spots and is comprised of Portonovo Bay which offers 18 nature trails winding through the corbezzolos (the Arbutus unedo tree), ilexes, brooms and pines in this magic example of a Mediterranean wood.

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Grotte di Frasassi

(The Frasassi Caves) are of the most majestic in Europe and the world. Besides the guided visits, you can also book speleological itineraries! The Frasassi Caves are in the Parco naturale della Gola Rossa (Gola Rossa Natural Reserve Park) with different nature hikes on the many trails offered. In the immediate vicinity of the park, the castle of Genga is open to visitors, as well as the tiny village of San Vittore Terme which rises round the San Vittore delle Chiuse abbey dating from the 11th century.

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Gola del Furlo

Furlo (Natural Reserve Gola del Furlo) found along the ancient Roman road, the Via Flaminia, which connects Rome to the Adriatic Sea, offers touristic itineraries and hikes.

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Parco naturale dei Monti Sibillini

(The Sibylline Mountain Natural Park). This park is found in the Apennines’s mountainous landscape and each face of the mountain has something different for you to enjoy and discover. Along the way, you will find Fiastra with its lake, the Acquasanta waterfalls, the Gola dell’Infernaccio, and Ussita which has ski slopes.

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Terme di San Vittore

(San Vittore Spa) is a small but important spa with thermal baths known for their therapeutic properties and the sulfur water. It is inside the Gola Rossa Park (Parco della Gola Rossa). It is a tiny, inhabited village round the 11th century San Vittore delle Chiuse abbey.

Terme di Sarnano

Sarnano Spa’s waters are defined as sodiumbicarbonate-calcic-sodium, as well as sulfurous. This tiny, suggestive medieval village sits on a hill to the northeast side of the Sibylline Mountains.

Terme di Carignano

(the Carignano Spa), is found in the midst of green hills of the countryside between Fano and Pesaro, at only a few kilometres from the sea. The therapeutic qualities of the springs here has been renowned for centuries and are of diverse properties: sulfurous, or saline-bromine-iodine, or sodiumbicarbonate-alcaline-magnesium.

Monte Grimano Terme (PU)

(the Monte Grimano Spa), in the Pesaro-Urbino province, attracts tourists, especially for the thermal baths there with their therapeutic mineral water springs originating near monte S Paolo. The thermal baths at Monte Grimano Spa are excellently equipped to host its guests, completely immersed in nature.

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The basilica of Loreto in the province of Ancona – Sanctuario della Santa Casa

is one of the most important Marian sanctuaries in the Catholic world. The building dates to the beginning of the 13th century. Such great architects such as Vanvitelli and Bramante contributed to its design and construction, given its importance through the ages.

Monastero di Fonte Avellana

(the Fonte Avellana Monastery), in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, is found on the slopes of the massive Monte Catria (1701 m, asl) and dates from circa the 1st century AD.

Eremo di Monte Giove

(Pesaro-Urbino): the Monte Giove Hermitage or Retreat’s monastic community is currently made up of only 8 Benedictine monks and belongs to the the Camaldolese Congregation of the Order of Saint Benedict.

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Within just a few kilometres from Villa Pedossa you will find:

The Falconara Zoo and Park

is located in Falconara Marittima (Ancona province). The grounds are 60,000 sq metres, on a hill, and was founded as an amusement park for children and only later included a zoo. Every year they welcome animals of diverse species.

Circa an hour away, we have:

Parco Avventura del Furlo ad Acqualagna (PU)

(Furlo Adventure Park) in Acqualagna, in the Pesaro-Urbino province, inside the Gola di Furlo National Nature Reserve for anyone who likes that tree-climbing, offering diverse itineraries of varying difficulty.

Frasassi Avventura

is found in San Vittore in Genga (Ancona province) and was opened in 2015. It offers tree-climbing for all ages: get the adrenaline pumping on the ropes over the Sentino River, the rickety wooden Tibetan hanging bridges and vertiginous pulleys await adventure and fun-lovers both. They offer guided nature tours, educational workshops for children, and creative workshops and nature- study programmes and activities.

Le Pietre del Drago – Parco della Niegola

(the Dragon’s Stones Park) in Felceto of Matelica (Macerata Province) is a parco in which life-size dinosaurs ‘live’ in their natural habitat. There is also a paleontology museum in the park, where the evolution on earth is illustrated, as well as an ample 5,000 metre picnic area, a bar, and giftshop. The park is located 15 km from the Frasassi Caves, direction Matelica.

Skypark Adventure Park a Monte Aquilone

Pericara di Novafeltria in the province of Pesaro-Urbino was the first adventure park on the Adriatic coast. Test your concentration, your courage, your equilibrium skills. Games are played where you go from tree to tree by bridge, rope, net, or catwalk for a thrills and adventure. For all ages – children, teens, and adults.

VerdeAzzuro Water-park in Cingoli

in the Macerata Province is found inside a holiday centre where all ages will have fun. You can play water sports and games, use the solarium, and the sports pool. In total there are 3000 metres of pool!

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Furthermore, you can have fun at the famous amusement parks on the ‘Romagnola Riviera’ which is easy to get to and not more than an hour away by car:


aquatic park, in Riccione, in the Rimini province


in Riccione again, is a sea theme-park

Italia in miniatura

(Italy in Miniature) is in Rimini, and is one of a kind.


amusement park in Rimini, for children of all ages, even the littlest ones.

Cattolica Aquarium

in the Rimini province, with a wealth of attractions.