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Family Escape

If you are a family looking for a holiday where mum and dad can get their dose of relaxation and recharge their batteries while having fun doing stimulating and educational activities in nature with the children, then take advantage of our special “Family Escape” package and start packing! Enjoy a[…]


Olive all’Ascolana (Ascoli style deep-fried stuffed olives) are among the most well-known Italian dishes in the culinary world, and beyond! The name comes from the marvellous city of Ascoli Piceno and the recipe dates back to as early as 1800. They are a type of delicious fried, breaded meatballs with[…]


It’s not Christmas without Passatelli. But let’s just say that any time is a good time to enjoy this tasty and flavourful first dish, especially since over the years this dish has been revised  and revisited numerous times. Passatelli (egg noodles made of bread crumbs) are often even served ‘asciutti’’ or[…]


This is a more or less  “thick”  fish soup which is usually served in soup plates with slices of  toasted bread. Tradition has it that the number of different kinds of fish should be 13, perhaps because 13 is the fisherman’s lucky number or simply because there are 13 water[…]


These appetising little sweets are typically made at Carnival.  Depending on the region in Italy, they go by many names, such as Arancini, Limoncini, or Chiacchiere. At our house we’ve always  called them Arancini! If you want sweets that will fill your house with their delicious smell, and add flavour[…]


Rabbit is one of the farmyard animals traditionally found in recipes, with variations, throughout Le Marche region. The following is without a doubt part of our age-old farming tradition. This recipe can be varied using chicken in place of rabbit, and will be equally successful. Try Mom Gabri’s recipe here![…]


In Italy every special occasion is tied to culinary tradition and Carnival is no exception! So here is one of the Carnival treats which is never missing from the table of any ‘marchigiano’. Tradition has it that the name ‘cicerchiata’ derives from ‘cicerchia’, the famous certified Slow Food  legume, or[…]


These typically autumnal, fragrant buns can be enjoyed during and after the grape harvest, usually at the end of September. They are made with must: non – fermented grape juice. Discover Mom Gabri’s traditional recipe passed on from generation to generation and, if you wish, try the richer version with raisins![…]


Tiramisù (literally PICK-ME-UP!) is one of the most popular spoon-desserts up and down all of Italy, so we can’t leave our version of the dish out! Are you ready to make this delicious sweet? Follow Mom Gabri’s recipe and you won’t be disappointed! Ingredients 5 eggs (room temperature) 500 g[…]