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Festivals, Fairs and Markets

Each month in every city, village, or tiniest town in the Marche, the weekends are animated with lively festivals and markets.
In Senigallia (AN) these are renowned and attract many tourists, admirers, and browsers from all Italy: ‘Pane Nostrum‘, which takes place during the last weekend of September; the centuries-old ’Fiera di Sant’Agostino‘ at the end of August in Senigallia; and many other thematic markets throughout the year in the historical centre of the city.

Numerous are the festivals, fairs, fetes, and markets in the surround area:
• ‘La contesa del pozzo della polenta’ in Corinaldo (
• ‘Sagra del Lacrima di Morro d’Alba’

There are fish, strawberry, ‘garagoi’ (a sea food), artichoke, and asparagus festivals…for every taste in every season of the year!

Craft fairs, flower festivals, and the enormous ‘Fiera di San Ciriaco’ in Ancona or ‘San Settimio’ in Jesi; as well as traditional ice cream or street food markets..

For more info on festivals, fetes, fairs, and markets in the Marche region, please visit the following links:


Theatre and Music Festivals

For those of you who prefer to events and cultural events are reported in Senigallia:
‘Bacajà’, in August, is a street- theatre festival offering shows, events, conferences and workshops with internationally known actors
‘Festa della Musica’, in June, joins the European Music Festival with concerts held throughout the entire town of Senigallia
‘CaterRaduno’, at the end of June, an appointment with fans of the Radio 2 RAI transmission, offers shows, music, concerts, and conferences.

We list here the following link for more info on the programming:

For jazz lovers, ‘Corinaldo Jazz’, in nearby Corinaldo, takes place in August with world-class musicians in concert in the suggestive atmosphere on every corner and in every square of the town (

For years now in Pesaro with international appeal:
‘Rossini Opera Festival’, for those with a passion for opera, ‘bel canto’, and performances of excellence (
‘Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema’ International New Cinema Festival (

In Civitanova Marche (in the province of Macerata):
‘Civitanova danza’, an international dance festival (

In Macerata:
‘Macerata Opera Festival’, in the suggestive and historical Arena Sferisterio, an open-air theatre

In Polverigi (in the province of Ancona):
‘InTeatro’, an international theatre festival in a historical medieval village (

For further info on all events, exhibitions, festivals, and performances in the Marche region, please visit the following links: